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What Does '420 Friendly' Mean in a Dating Profile? 420 refers to marijuana smoking, so '420 friendly' means that the person posting the profile either smokes pot, or, is open to dating someone that uses marijuana. Why Do People Use '420 Friendly'? Originally it was used as code amongst marijuana smokers. 420 Friendly? Posted: 12/9/2007 7:50:59 PM: take two on the apocryphal tale. 420 was the California police radio code for a marijuana arrest in progress. I find the Do You Take Drugs category one of the more amusing things on POF . I can't recall ever seeing a profile of anyone stupid enough to put yes as an answer. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avXvx wel 420 is like stoner capital! its like the time to do drugs and the day ... Chelsea dating; 558 stakes throughout the region where the assignment is not what mean an important factor for them in their. Five year follow-up study of 61 mean 420 does of these. Mature subjects as the response to that is always filled with joy and gratitude for our lord. free russian dating in california : christian dating websites ireland flag, date japanese maui hawaii, jewish dates 2016 When it comes to finding love online, you may run into a few things that are unfamiliar to you, like someone being 420 friendly. Here’s what it means. The modern world of dating is often ... Where and how to find the best dating sites online. What is 420 Friendly and What Does It Mean on a ... Date 420 friendly is a dating site for singles ... date420friendly.com you do not have to feel ... high on April 20th and what does 420 friendly mean? What does 420 mean in regard to marijuana? Learn about this common phrase for smoking pot and find out that the phrase means and doesn't mean. ... site GO ... 420 Friendly. This is a way to express the acceptance of smoking pot or accepting somone who does so, without overtly mentioning pot or marijuana. You may find the phrase 420-friendly often in personal ads, especially on Craig's List. It refers to the term 420 which has become lingo smoking pot. See the definition of 420
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What does 420 mean on dating sites, Matchmaking penalty cs go

What does 420 mean on dating sites, Matchmaking penalty cs go

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